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Long Arc

An automatic SLR normal point analysis service which operates on a daily basis has been set up within the SGF based on work done in collaboration with the Department of Satellite Geodesy, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Graz. This makes it possible to carry out quality checks on the measurements from the SLR community on a very short timescale. This service includes a check on the global set of LAGEOS-1, LAGEOS-2, ETALON-1 and ETALON-2 normal points via a long-arc solution plus a short-arc solution for the majority of SLR-tracked satellites.

A multi-day orbital arc is fitted to the global set of SLR observations, achieving a post-fit residual RMS typically of about 2 cm for LAGEOS and for ETALON. The range residual of each normal point from that fitted arc gives an indication of the precision of the normal point.

The residuals for each station are plotted daily, those for Lageos-1 being shown in RED, for Lageos-2 in BLUE, for ETALON-1 in GREEN and for ETALON-2 in MAGENTA.


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