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Virtual Tour Videos

Visit the Space Geodesy Facility, Herstmonceux virtually by clicking the videos below and see for yourself how the SGF successfully operates an accurate and productive satellite laser ranging station. See the absolute gravimetry lab, learn about our atmospheric instruments and hear about the SLR analysis work at the SGF.

These videos were put together as part of the second ILRS Virtual World Tour in 2021. Visit here to see how other SLR stations operate from other parts of the world.

Before we can see the SGF we must travel there. Matt Wilkinson talks about the local area and nearby towns on this cycle ride to Herstmonceux.
Cycling to the SGF with Matt Wilkinson

The station is located on the idyllic grounds of Herstmonceux Castle and we will now take you on an aerial tour of the gardens and woodlands and talk about the history of the site with Dr Graham Appleby.
The SGF surroundings and site history with Graham Appleby

The Space Geodesy Facility is operated by the British Geological Survey and funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.

Dr John Rees is a BGS Chief Scientist responsible for the multi-hazards and resilience challenge and he talks about his role and these institutions as he welcomes you on behalf of BGS.
Dr John Rees is a Chief Scientist at the British Geological Survey

Every SLR station is different. Every station has different hardware, software and technical approaches, but we are all working to track the full ILRS satellite list efficiently and accurately. Visit the SLR webpage...

In the next video, we will spend some time walking around the site to show you how it all works in Herstmonceux.
Techincal Tour with Matthew Wilkinson

The following video is recorded footage from an hour’s daytime observing by Toby Shoobridge to demonstrate how we conduct SLR.
Observing Demonstration with Toby Shoobridge

The SGF is also an ILRS Analysis Centre and provides weekly solutions as part of the work of the Analysis Standing Committee as presented in this video by Dr Andreja Susnik. Visit the SLR analysis webpage...
The SGF Analysis Centre with Andreja Susnik

At the SGF we also have instruments to tell us about the local atmospheric conditions, which impacts on SLR performance. Chris Potter will tell you more.
Monitoring the Atmosphere with Christopher Potter

Co-located with the SLR and our GNSS sites is the absolute gravimetry laboratory next door in the SGF basement. Dr Vicki Smith talks about her work with these instruments. Visit the gravimetry webpage...
Absolute Gravimetery at the SGF with Vicki Smith