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Operations at the SGF

The day-to-day operation of the SGF includes some regular activities, designing experiments and maintaining technologies.

The time spent SLR observing is scheduled to fit with the satellite passes each day and the local weather is closely monitored to make the most of clear skies.

A dynamic list of satellites ordered by priority for tracking by the ILRS network is updated every hour. This can highlight if a satellite has received less laser tracking support than would be expected. Stations can then adjust their scheduling to fix this imbalance.

To see the what the ILRS network is currently tracking the updating Eurolas output is ported here.

Automatic reading of the water table beneath the SGF logs the height every 5 minutes.

The current meteorological readings at the SGF are:
14:36 24/7/2024

Temperature: 20.9 degrees
Relative Humidity: 74.5 %
Pressure: 1017.34 millibars