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Station Equipment Questions / Re: Meteorological station
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:00:48 AM »
Good morning Jorge, and thank you very much for your comments.
I need to verify the current sampling rate of the meteo station at Yebes.
The local microclimate is not also a problem here, as I told you the meteo station is about 60 meters from the planned SLR location. And yes, it has an anemometer. We will use the info from the anemometer (jointly with the rain on/off detector) to control the dome in case of risk.
We are buying a good all-sky camera and a rain detector to be installed in the SLR roof. We will buy also a cloud detector.
So I think we will install, in the SLR station optimum position, a new meteo station (JUST pressure, temp and RH) and share the other data from the meteo station in the observatory. This way we┬┤ll also have redundant info from the barometers.

Station Equipment Questions / Re: Meteorological station
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:06:09 AM »
Good morning.
We are thinking about the optimum meteorological station for our new SLR system.
In the observatory we have a complete meteo station (pluviometer, anemometer, pyranometer, temp, pressure, humidity...).
Do you think we could use the data from this station for our SLR system? it is more or less 60m away from the planned SLR location.
Or could it be better to have a new station just close to the SLR station?
Perhaps we can share the data from the pluviometer, anemomenter, pyranometer...and install close to the SLR station in the optimum position-height the pressure-temp-humidity sensors + the rain detector on/off.
Thank you :)

Station Updates and News / Hello from Yebes Observatory
« on: June 20, 2016, 11:31:57 AM »
Hi everybody from Yebes Observatory :)
As you already know, we are in the first stages of building our SLR station.
We hope we will start soon with the first tasks (location study and selection, building, main systems specifications selection...).
We are going to need opinion from the experts in order to achieve a state of the art station of the best quality possible.
So, we will be really grateful about all your comments and ideas.
Thank you all  ;)

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