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Observations toward mm ACCURACY

There remain several issues to resolve as we work towards maximising the effectiveness and accuracy of the ILRS tracking network and end products. The aim of this informal workshop is for technologists and analysts together to address specific questions that arise from this effort. The meeting will be a good opportunity for instance to examine and report systems' responses at different energy levels and for different targets, to confirm that existing software produces a standard, user independent data set and discuss ways forward for multi-colour ranging and associated environmental models.

The Proceedings and Photos are now being assembled for the Workshop in Eastbourne during the week beginning Monday 3rd October 2005.   Eastbourne is situated on the coast of South East England and is about 10 kilometres from the Herstmonceux Facility. The Workshop venue is the T&G conference centre situated on the  Eastbourne seafront, which will provide conference facilities and accommodation for delegates.  Directions to the Conference centre can be found here

The Workshop theme is 'mm Accuracy' and will focus on the challenges facing Laser Ranging that might otherwise limit the achievable accuracy in single-shot range measurements. We will also be mindful of future challenges and opportunities that we must grasp. The program is availiable here.  An ILRS General Assembly will be held at the end of the Workshop.

Currently the ILRS Working Groups are discussing topics for inclusion in the sessions. It is likely that delegates will be asked to perform specific experiments in advance to contribute to some sessions.  This will include performing High/Low return rate tests and supplying current reduction software for comparison.  Descriptions of experiments requested for some sessions are to be found here

The Workshop will inclde a trip to visit the Space Geodesy Facility at Herstmonceux, which is situated in the grounds of Herstmonceux castle. Besides the laser ranging system, which is being upgraded to perform KHz ranging, the Facility hosts two IGS GPS/GLONASS receivers and will be in the early stages of running an FG5 absolute gravimeter which is to be permanently installed in a basement at the Facility.