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Matt Wilkinson:
The 4 S-NET ( satellites were launched on February 01, 2018.  They have been difficult targets up to now. At Herstmonceux, we've had a number of unsuccessful attempts. And i think they have not been tracked by any station in the ILRS network.

However, next week (11th April) we expect to begin to see passes that are partially sunlit and so we will hopefully stand a better chance of getting some returns. This must also be true for other stations.

We will focus on S-NET4 as suggested in the recent ilrs-sta mail (

Please use this space below to comment on your S-NET attempts, successes and failures over the coming weeks. Good luck!

Dear all,

We got a glimpse of S-NET 4 tonight!

Sadly we were unable to record a relevant number of data points.

We saw the target swooshing through the screen with a time bias setting of -170 to -200 ms.
The real time bias must be less than -200 ms.


Dear All,

The details on the two passes we have got returns on so far:

Doy 103/1600
Sic: 6207
CPF: DLR6031
Timebias +40mS
X-track: ~0 mdeg
Returns: 96
Comments: Returns steady in range window @ 40mS. Return strength similar to
technosat and faded out during pca period.

DOY 104/1605
Sic: 6207
CPF: DLR6031
Timebias -30mS
X-track: ~0 mdeg
Returns: 167/64 ( two segments)
Comments: Returns steady.

Now I will see if I can attach the excel spreadsheet of the O-C's - Randall

Dear All,

Snet4 pass doy 114/0430
cpf: DLR6131
timebias -30mS
Returns: 89

Matt Wilkinson:
See the attached for a plot of kHz residuals from S-NET1 taken over the weekend at Herstmonceux SLR station


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