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Satellite BLITS-M


BLITS-M is the glass spherical satellite. Diameter of the satellite is 220 mm. The one half of sphere is coated by interference dielectric layers for reflecting the laser beam with wavelength 532 nm. Orbital altitude is 1500 km. The planned time of the launching is May 2018.

The satellite will rotate with speed of 10 turn per minute around the axis perpendicular to the orbital plane.

Is it possible to identify the satellite by a telescope?

This satellite is a beautiful design.
I do not know how bright was the original BLITS, but this document:
indicates that BLITS-like satellite of 214 mm in diameter would have a maximum star magnitude of 11 at a distance of 2000 km (probably in zenith).

Does BLITS-M have any metallic/aluminum layers on the surface, or is it entirely dielectric body?


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