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Attached are two presentation slides converted to zipped image folders.  I put them in automation session, but it turned out that mine was actually semi-automation  :o  . Whatever they are here now. Please reply to tell me your thoughts about my work.

Open a Discussion / Tracking CZ-2C rocket bodies with NORMAL laser
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:42:09 AM »
The Changchun Observatory has been tracking the CZ-2C rocket bodies for a whole year, using the normal picosecond KHz laser, along with normal ILRS missions, but with TLE prediction. The Graz people also has found reflective CZ R/B(s) earlier this year, but we are not sure how they are progressing.

We are planning to track other R/B's, of which the number is huge. So we need you to join up.

Below is the list of R/B target already tracked by SLR. Newly joining stations shall try with them.
TLE#          First tracked by
 28480         Changchun7237
 31114         Changchun7237
 38253         Graz7839

Based on our space debris tracking campaign in 2014, below is other R/Bs that would hopefully carry reflector(s). But we haven't tried them.

TLE# , Intl.Designater , Object Type
25400  1998-043G   SL-16 R/B
22220  1992-076B   SL-16 R/B
12988  1981-117B   SL-14 R/B
28222  2004-012C   CZ-2C R/B
25723  1999-022C   SL-8 R/B
23343  1994-074B   SL-16 R/B
20671  1990-057B   SL-14 R/B
13771  1983-003B   SL-3 R/B
11327  1979-030B   SL-8 R/B
11267  1979-011B   SL-14 R/B
13121  1982-027B   SL-3 R/B
12904  1981-103B   SL-3 R/B
19275  1988-056B   SL-14 R/B
17912  1987-038B   SL-14 R/B
37932  2011-068C   CZ-2D R/B
22784  1993-055C   SL-14 R/B

If any more you would like to know about this topic, please reply or message me.

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