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Mission Tracking Feedback / Re: COMPASS-MS1/MS2 predictions
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:43:42 PM »
Dear all, Randall,

Toshi forwarded the original post to Zhang, who replied to say that the MS1/2 (I assume all 3rd generation Beidou) predictions are done at a different institute and he would pass on the information. He did also say though that they have raised this several times before. As you say Randall, it may well be that they are more difficult to do good cpfs for because they aren't officially active yet, so the quantity of ground station data will be less. But surely this makes them poor candidates for highest priority in the LARGE campaign? Unless someone is going to use the SLR to improve the predictions, but I don't know if this is happening? Can we be explicit in saying to the mission people that the ILRS performance on their satellites (even in LARGE campaign) is currently limited by prediction quality and this is seriously impacting the work they can do with the final data set?

Best regards,


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